Council Meeting Dates

Council meeting dates 2019

Full Council Meetings are always held on the second Tuesday of each month.

However, please note that Committee Meetings (Social & Welfare, Markets & Building, Recreation and Heritage & Open Spaces) will only be held if there are relevant items to be discussed.  Please see noticeboard outside the Town Council Office where agenda are placed three days before a meeting.  Alternatively, please contact us on 01362 693821 for more information.


Annual Parish Meeting

The next Annual Parish Meeting is to be held on Tuesday 15th March 2016 at 7.30pm to 9.00pm.

This meeting will be held at Dereham Memorial Hall in Norwich Street, Dereham.




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Insurance Information

Dereham Town Council is insured by Zurich Municipal.  Our policy number is YLL272001-9893.

Small Grants

              Application for Small Grants Policy

 Dereham Town Council approves a budget each year for the purpose of allocating grants to local organisations and community groups.

 Eligibility – must comply

 The following criteria must be met for a group to be considered for a grant:

  •  The group must be a charity, voluntary or community organisation (not for profit).  Individuals and businesses are not eligible for grant funding.
  •  The group must have a formal Constitution/Terms of Reference and a bank account
  • Retrospective grant applications will not be considered.

Purpose of Grants

 Applications will be considered for any activity which will be of benefit to some or all of the residents of Dereham or to improve the environment in Dereham. The level of the grant must be commensurate to the benefit gained.

The grant should be towards the cost of events or purchases required for a group and not for running/everyday costs unless it is running costs to assist a new organisation become established. The Town Council will consider any eligible application but where funding is oversubscribed, will prioritise the following:

  •  Assisting and supporting youth organisations
  • To support train and equip people who volunteer as youth leaders

 The Council will not give grants for the following:

  • Groups or individuals attending events which will give ‘experience’ but not a recognised syllabus/training e.g. gap year or other activities which may be seen as a holiday.
  • Application from larger publicly funded organisation e.g. other councils, NHS, schools etc.
  • School activity e.g. school trip, sports tour, show etc– however this does not preclude applications for activities taking place on school premises affiliated to a school but with its own constitution, provided that it can be demonstrated to be outside normal school hours & not part of the normal school curriculum.
  •  Countrywide/countywide groups; unless there is a clear and direct benefit to some residents in Dereham. i.e. the grant is for a specific project or activity in Dereham.

Application Process

  • Applications should be made by completing the Application for Small Grants Form and sending it to Dereham Town Council, Assembly Rooms, Quebec Street, Dereham NR19 2DJ

Applications are accepted at any time of the year and will be considered at the next Finance Meeting (these are held four times a year) and ratified at the following Full Council Meeting.  Applicants will be informed of the decision shortly after this meeting.


  •  Council would not normally consider more than one grant from a group within a twelve month period, unless there is unforeseen exceptional circumstance.
  • An acknowledgement on receipt of the grant is required.
  • If brochures, leaflets or handouts are produced we would require an acknowledgement of our grant included in this along with our crest (which we will forward to you).
  •  Prior approval of the Town Council is required for any change of purpose of the grant.  The Town Council reserves the right to reclaim any grant not being used for purpose specified on the application form.

Please Note: Grants given are generally less than £500.


This policy was adopted by Dereham Town Council at its meeting on Tuesday 13th August 2013 and will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

If you would like to apply for a small grant, please complete the application form below and return it to us:




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Full Council Minutes

Full Council Minutes







Caudebec-Les Elbeuf



Towns Twinned with Dereham

Job Vacancies

We have no job vacancies at present.

Council Information

Dereham Town Council are responsible for the following:-

  • Recreation Ground
  • 7 Allotment sites
  • The Memorial Hall
  • Cemetery
  • St Withburga’s Well
  • Bishop Bonner’s Cottage
  • Neatherd Moor (Abbots Field)
  • Tuesday & Friday Markets
  • Closed Churchyard
  • Fleece Meadow
  • Vicarage Meadow
  • Etling Green
  • War Memorial
  • Dereham Windmill
  • Town Sign
  • Dog/litter bins.

Council Responsibilities

Dereham Community Car Scheme



This scheme is sponsored by Dereham Town Council together with Breckland Council and is available only to those people who live in the Parish of Dereham and satisfy the conditions set out below:-


A Community Car Scheme is simply an organised non-profit making form of car sharing. It provides transport for essential journeys for people in the town without access to a car and where there is no suitable public transport. Volunteer drivers use their own cars and are paid an agreed rate to cover their running costs, as permitted by the Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981. This Act also permits the charging of fares and provides that the driver’s own normal insurance will cover him or her when participating in the Scheme. The fares cover approximately half the costs of the scheme, the other half being made up by Dereham Town Council and Breckland Council.


The Scheme is available to those persons resident within the civil Parish of Dereham (including Toftwood) who are unable to make an essential journey by public or private hire transport, and also to any person who would otherwise be unable, without unreasonable difficulty, to make an authorised journey because of the lack of a public transport service.


A Journey is authorised where it is essential the passenger attend such places as:-

(i) Hospital   (ii) Doctor’s Surgery   (iii) Dentist   (iv) Optician  (v) Chiropodist

(vi) Pharmacist after a Doctor appointment  (vii) Health Centre

or any similar type of destination which the relevant Committee of Dereham Town Council shall from time to time specify suitable to use the scheme.


This scheme relies on volunteer drivers and the phone lines are only manned on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9am – 1pm. So please note that it may not be possible to respond to same day requests.

Contact the organiser on

07827 972163

on the days and during the times listed above, to book your journey. 

It is always helpful if you advise the organiser as soon as your travel requirements are known and, in addition, any special requirements such as the use of a wheelchair/walker. The organiser is available to take telephone bookings between 9.00am – 1.00pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


Fares are payable at the start of the journey where a set fare applies.

Passengers will be charged the rates on the standard journey list, eg:-

Dereham £1.80

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital £7.20

Spire Hospital        £7.20

West Norwich Community Hospital £8.00

Kings Lynn Queen Elizabeth Hospital £12.60

Cromer Hospital £13.20

Addenbrooks Hospital £28.60

Papworth Hospital £32.00

Moorfields Eye Hospital £48.00

Sheringham Hospital £11.40

Fakenham Surgery £6.00

Swaffham Surgery £6.00

Watton Surgery £6.00

Wymondham Surgery £6.00

Kellingham Hospital £8.00

Mattishall Surgery £3.00

Wendling Surgery £3.00

North Elmham Surgery £3.00

Longham Surgery £3.00

Swanton Morley Surgery £2.20

Scarning Surgery £2.20

Return journeys within Dereham within an hour are charged at minimum fare of £2.00.

Any journey not on the standard fare list will be charged at 20p per mile subject to a minimum fare of £2.00.

Children aged between 5 and 16 years old may travel at half price when travelling with an adult, children under 5 years of age may travel free when accompanied by a fare paying adult. All persons under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

If you have any queries regarding the scheme please contact Dereham 07827 972163 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9am – 1pm), or Dereham Town Council at The Assembly Rooms, Ruthen Place, Dereham, NR19 2TX, telephone Dereham (01362) 693821 (office hours).  However, you can not make a booking by contacting Dereham Town Council.

If you would like to become a volunteer driver, please call Dereham Town Council on 01362 693821 for further information


Heritage & and Open Spaces


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Markets and Buildings



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Finance and Governance


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Social and Welfare

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Rüthen Website

Councillors and Their Committees

Councillors and Committees

Mayor: Councillor Hilary Bushell

 Deputy Mayor: Councillor Ann Bowyer


All Councillors


 Heritage & Open Spaces

Open Spaces, Bishop Bonners Cottage, Windmill, Town Sign, Explosives Store, Closed Churchyard and Street Furniture

A Bowyer

P Duigan

K Millbank

L Monument

T Monument

P Morton



Recreation Ground, Allotments, Play Areas, Grass Cutting and Grounds Maintenance

A Bowyer

P Duigan

K Millbank

L Monument

T Monument

P Morton


Markets & Buildings

Assembly Rooms, Memorial Hall, Fleece Meadow and Markets

A Brooks

H Bushell

H Clarke

L Goreham

R Hambidge

S Green


Social & Welfare

Cemetery (including Lodge) Chapel, Trees, Paths and Roads, Twinning, Planting of War Memorial and Flower Baskets, Christmas Tree and Toilets

A Brooks

H Bushell

H Clarke

L Goreham

R Hambidge

S Green


Other Committees

Finance & Governance

H Bushell

H Clarke

P Duigan

R Hambidge

L Monument



A Bowyer

L Goreham

R Hambidge

K Millbank

T Monument


Traffic Management Committee

All Councillors


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Markets and Buildings

Mins M&B Jan 2012

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Mins M&B June 2012

Memorial Hall


To visit our dedicated Memorial Hall website, please click on the link below:



Dereham Town Council have 7 allotment sites:-

  • Cemetery Road
  • Dumpfield
  • Scarning
  • Cherry Lane 1
  • Cherry Lane 2
  • Southend
  • Toftwood

Plots are available on a first come, first served basis with priority being given to residents of Dereham.

Most plots are priced between £10.00 and £40.00 per annum, depending on size.

To apply for an allotment please complete an application form and return it to Dereham Town Council.

Allotment Application Form





Services and Amenities

Town Councillors

Ann Bowyer


Hilary Bushell

Harry Clarke

Phillip Duigan

Linda Goreham


Robert Hambidge

Kate Millbank

Linda Monument

Thomas Monument

Philip Morton


Council Accounts

Dereham Town Council Accounts 2010-2011

Accounts for 2011=2012 will be added to this page shortly.


The Memorial Hall has now opened after its recent £2.6m refurbishment. 

The Opening Event on Sunday 4th December was a magnificent event attended by many Second World War Veterans.  A highlight of the event was the unveiling of a sculpture (created by Dereham Sculpter Neil French) dedicated to the heroism, courage and self-sacrefice of ordinary people. 

Reverend Canon Sally Theakston performed the Re-dedication Service and students from Northgate HighSchool, Neathrd High School and Dereham 6th Form College read poems.
Music was provided by The Parachute Regiment Band. 

For further information and for booking the hall please telephone Dereham Town Council on 01362 693821.