Public Rights of Way

On 12 May 2015, Dereham Town Council formally resolved to work with those responsible to ensure that all public rights of ways are kept in good order at all times.  It has appointed a Footpath Warden to assist in this, and receives regular reports from him to its Heritage and Open Spaces Committee: contact him at [email protected].

In line with its wish for people to have the opportunity to get out and enjoy the countryside in and around Dereham, the Town Council supported the town to secure Walkers and Welcome status in 2016.  This year, the Walkers are Welcome group has revised the original pack of walks guides which the Town Council produced, and the Council has provided funding towards their publication.  All of the walks – and more information – can be found on the Dereham Walkers are Welcome website (see the “Useful Links” section on your right).  Printed copies are available from the Council offices and the Library.


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