Dereham Community Car Scheme

We need more volunteer drivers, so if you enjoy driving, have your own car, enjoy the company of others and have a few hours a week to spare, call us on 01362 693821.

Dereham Community Car scheme is sponsored by Breckland Council and Dereham Town Council and is available only to those people who live in the Parish of Dereham and satisfy the conditions set out below:-


A Community Car Scheme is an organised non-profit making form of car sharing. It provides transport for essential journeys for people in the Town who don’t have access to a car and where there is no suitable public transport. Volunteer drivers use their own cars and are paid an agreed rate to cover their running costs, as permitted by the public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981. This Act also permits the charging of fares and provides that the driver’s own normal insurance will cover him or her when participating in the Scheme. The fares cover approximately half the costs of the scheme, the other half being made up by Dereham Town Council and Breckland Council.


The Scheme is available to those persons resident within the civil Parish of Dereham (ie Dereham including Toftwood) who are unable to make an essential journey by public or private hire transport, and also to any person who would otherwise be unable, without unreasonable difficulty, to make an authorised journey because of the lack of a public transport service.


A Journey is authorised where it is essential the passenger attend such places as:- (i) Hospital (ii) Doctor’s Surgery (iii) Dentist Surgery (iv) Optician (v) Chiropodist (vi) Pharmacy (vii) Health Centre

And any similar type of destination which the relevant Committee of Dereham Town Council shall from time to time specify.


Please note that as this scheme relies on volunteer drivers, it is not normally possible to respond to same day requests.  Passengers are advised to contact the Community Car Scheme on Dereham 07827972163 to book journeys. Under normal circumstances 48 hours’ notice prior to your intended journey is sufficient time in which to arrange for a car to pick you up. However, it is always helpful if you advise the organiser as soon as your travel requirements are known and, in addition, any special requirements such as the use of a wheelchair or if you need an escort with you (your escort doesn’t pay any fares).
The organiser is normally available to take telephone bookings between 9.00am – 1.00pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, however, from time to time a telephone answer machine will be in operation. Please listen carefully to the message and ring back during 9.00am – 1.00pm Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, in order to book your journey. The organiser is unable to respond to messages left on the service. 

If you need emergency transport, please contact your Doctor’s Surgery, (call 999 in a medical emergency) or contact Transport Link on 01603 422807 (they charge 40p a mile, although there is a minimum charge of £2.00)


Fares are payable at the start of the journey where a set fare applies. Passengers will be charged the rates on the standard journey list, eg:- within Dereham £1.80

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital £7.20

BUPA Hospital £7.20

West Norwich Community Hospital £8.00

Kings Lynn Queen Elizabeth Hospital £12.60

Cromer Hospital £13.20

Addenbrooks Hospital £28.60

Papworth Hospital £32.00

Moorfields Eye Hospital £48.00

Sheringham £11.40

Fakenham Surgery £6.00

Swaffham Surgery £6.00

Watton Surgery £6.00

Wymondham Surgery £6.00

Kellingham Hospital £8.00

Mattishall Surgery £3.00

North Elmham Surgery £3.00

Longham £3.00

Swanton Morley £2.20

Scarning £2.20

Return journeys within Dereham are charged at minimum fare of £1.80. Any journey not on the standard fare list will be charged at 20p per mile subject to a minimum fare of £2.00. Children aged between 5 and 16 years old may travel at half price when travelling with an adult, children under 5 years of age may travel free when accompanied by a fare paying adult. All persons under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

If you have any queries regarding the scheme please contact Dereham 07827972163 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, or Dereham Town Council at The Assembly Rooms, Ruthen Place, Dereham, NR19 2TX, telephone Dereham (01362) 693821

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