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Public Rights of Way

Public Rights of Way

On 12 May 2015, Dereham Town Council formally resolved to work with those responsible to ensure that all public rights of ways are kept in good order at all times.  It has appointed a Footpath Warden to assist in this, and receives regular reports from him to its Heritage and Open Spaces Committee: contact him at dtc.fpwarden@talktalk.net.

The Council also secured funding to enable the production of a set of guides to walks around Dereham, providing an opportunity to get out and enjoy the countryside in Dereham.

General Leaflet

walk 1 – Potters Fen and Water Meadows

walk 2 – Badley Moor

walk 3 –  The Windmill and The Neatherd

walk 4 – Rush Meadow and Quebec Wood

walk-5-Train to Thuxton back to Dereham

walk 6 – Train to Yaxham back to Dereham

The Town Council is also pleased to have supported the town to secure Walkers and Welcome status, for more on this go to their website via the “Useful Links” section on your right.

The Town Council has submitted claims to have Cherry Lane and Hall Lane (well used routes) recognised as Public Rights of Way:-

Public Right of Way Claims

Dereham Christmas Lights Event

This event is now being organised by the Dereham Carnival Group.  Contact details will appear here shortly.



Dereham Christmas Lights Event

Come along and join the town for the annual switching on of the Christmas Lights.

This event will take place on Sunday 27th November 2016 from 1.00 pm – 6.00 pm

We have acts on stage from 2.30 pm until 5.30 pm.  Performing will be:

MinivoX Children’s Choir, St Withburga Bell Ringers, Dereham Theatre Company, RockavoX, Church’s Together, The Salvation Army and K-OS

We will have Santa in The Assembly Rooms (on the corner of Market Place and Ruthen Place).

We have 20 charity stalls attending so do come along and support them – they need YOU!!!

The lights will be switched on by Dereham Mayor, Phillip Duigan and Biscuit The Dereham Carnival Mascot.


Response to Dereham Transport Study

Job Vacancy


Job description Town Council Officer Maternity Cover

Application Form Maternity Cover


Conservative,  Central East Ward, Town Councillor

Ben Frith


33 Quebec Road, Dereham


Meet Your Councillors

This is an opportunity for you to come and share your concerns, queries and suggestions with your local representatives from the Town, District and County Councils.

We hope that a member of Norfolk Police will also be in attendance

A confidential room is available if needed.

No appointments necessary.

The next session is on 21st April 2017 and will take place at Dereham Library from 10.00 am – 12 noon. 


Cherry Lane Footpath

Dereham Christmas Lights Event

Accounts 2015-2016


Payments over £100

Annual Accounts 2015-2016

Dereham Walks

An opportunity to get out and enjoy the countryside in Dereham:

General leaflet

Walk 1 – Potters Fen and Water Meadows

Walk 2 – Badley Moor

Walk 3 – The Windmill and the Neatherd

Walk 4 – Rush Meadow and Quebec Wood

Footpath Warden report – July 2015

Public Right of Way claims Cherry Lane and Hall Lane



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Council Meeting Dates

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Annual Parish Meeting

The next Annual Parish Meeting is to be held on Tuesday 15th March 2016 at 7.30pm to 9.00pm.

This meeting will be held at Dereham Memorial Hall in Norwich Street, Dereham.




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Insurance Information

Dereham Town Council is insured by Zurich Municipal.  Our policy number is YLL272001-9893.

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours


Closed from 1.00 pm on Friday 23rd December 2016 until 9.00 am on Wednesday 28th December 2016 at 9.00 am


New Year

Closed Monday 2nd January 2017

Will will reopen on Tuesday 3rd January 2017 at 9.00am

Small Grants

              Application for Small Grants Policy

 Dereham Town Council approves a budget each year for the purpose of allocating grants to local organisations and community groups.

 Eligibility – must comply

 The following criteria must be met for a group to be considered for a grant:

  •  The group must be a charity, voluntary or community organisation (not for profit).  Individuals and businesses are not eligible for grant funding.
  •  The group must have a formal Constitution/Terms of Reference and a bank account
  • Retrospective grant applications will not be considered.

Purpose of Grants

 Applications will be considered for any activity which will be of benefit to some or all of the residents of Dereham or to improve the environment in Dereham. The level of the grant must be commensurate to the benefit gained.

The grant should be towards the cost of events or purchases required for a group and not for running/everyday costs unless it is running costs to assist a new organisation become established. The Town Council will consider any eligible application but where funding is oversubscribed, will prioritise the following:

  •  Assisting and supporting youth organisations
  • To support train and equip people who volunteer as youth leaders

 The Council will not give grants for the following:

  • Groups or individuals attending events which will give ‘experience’ but not a recognised syllabus/training e.g. gap year or other activities which may be seen as a holiday.
  • Application from larger publicly funded organisation e.g. other councils, NHS, schools etc.
  • School activity e.g. school trip, sports tour, show etc– however this does not preclude applications for activities taking place on school premises affiliated to a school but with its own constitution, provided that it can be demonstrated to be outside normal school hours & not part of the normal school curriculum.
  •  Countrywide/countywide groups; unless there is a clear and direct benefit to some residents in Dereham. i.e. the grant is for a specific project or activity in Dereham.

Application Process

  • Applications should be made by completing the Application for Small Grants Form and sending it to Dereham Town Council, Assembly Rooms, Quebec Street, Dereham NR19 2DJ

Applications are accepted at any time of the year and will be considered at the next Finance Meeting (these are held four times a year) and ratified at the following Full Council Meeting.  Applicants will be informed of the decision shortly after this meeting.


  •  Council would not normally consider more than one grant from a group within a twelve month period, unless there is unforeseen exceptional circumstance.
  • An acknowledgement on receipt of the grant is required.
  • If brochures, leaflets or handouts are produced we would require an acknowledgement of our grant included in this along with our crest (which we will forward to you).
  •  Prior approval of the Town Council is required for any change of purpose of the grant.  The Town Council reserves the right to reclaim any grant not being used for purpose specified on the application form.

Please Note: Grants given are generally less than £500.


This policy was adopted by Dereham Town Council at its meeting on Tuesday 13th August 2013 and will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

If you would like to apply for a small grant, please complete the application form below and return it to us:




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