Public Rights of Way

Public Rights of Way

On 12 May 2015, Dereham Town Council formally resolved to work with those responsible to ensure that all public rights of ways are kept in good order at all times.  It has appointed a Footpath Warden to assist in this, and receives regular reports from him to its Heritage and Open Spaces Committee: contact him at

The Council also secured funding to enable the production of a set of guides to walks around Dereham, providing an opportunity to get out and enjoy the countryside in Dereham.

General Leaflet

walk 1 – Potters Fen and Water Meadows

walk 2 – Badley Moor

walk 3 –  The Windmill and The Neatherd

walk 4 – Rush Meadow and Quebec Wood

walk-5-Train to Thuxton back to Dereham

walk 6 – Train to Yaxham back to Dereham

The Town Council is also pleased to have supported the town to secure Walkers and Welcome status, for more on this go to their website via the “Useful Links” section on your right.

The Town Council has submitted claims to have Cherry Lane and Hall Lane (well used routes) recognised as Public Rights of Way:-

Public Right of Way Claims

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