Council Responsibilities

Town Hall

Allotment Sites: Cemetery Road, Cherry Lane 1 & 2, Dumpfield, Scarning, Southend and Toftwood.

Assembly Rooms: The Town Council office and the Council Chambers, where Council meetings are held.

Bishop Bonners Cottage: The town museum, which is run by the Antiquarian Society.

Bus Shelters: One on Norwich Road (going out of town) & two on Hillcrest Avenue in Toftwood.

Cemetery and Closed Churchyard: The cemetery is located in Cemetery Road.  The closed churchyard surrounds St Nicholas Church.

Dereham Community Car Scheme: This scheme is sponsored by Dereham Town Council and Breckland Council and is available for journeys to hospital, doctors and other medical appointments for those people who live in the Parish of Dereham.  We have a Co-ordinator who takes the bookings and a dedicate team of volunteer drivers.

Dog bins:  Most of the dog bins around Dereham are now owned by Dereham Town Council and can be identified by our Crest Sticker. The disposal of dog waste and emptying of the bins is the responsiblilty of Breckland District Council.

Etling Green: Common land on the outskirts of the Parish.

Market Place: The Council owns the soil of the Market Place but Norfolk County Council is responsible for the roads and the pavements around it.

Markets: Weekly Tuesday & Friday Market both are held on the Market Place in the town centre.

Memorial Hall: A large venue where lots of different events are held throughout the year.  The hall has recently undergone a major refurbishment and is now open again. To make a booking or to request further information, please contact us on 01362 693821 or e mail

Neatherd Moor (Abbots Field): A large moor, ideal for walks.  (Breckland Council are responsible for the maintenance of the Moor)

Play Areas: Moorgate, Toftwood (Hillcrest Avenue, School Lane, Middlemarch Road, Recreation Road), Russet Way, Cartledge Close, Girling Road.

Recreation Ground: A large play field in the middle of Dereham, with a skate park, tennis courts, a rebound wall and children’s play area.

Toilets: These are in Barwells Court.  The toilets have recently had a major refurbishment.

Town Sign: St Withburga with deer, the sign was replaced in 2005, as the old sign was beyond repair.  The old sign was donated to the town’s Antiquarian Society.

Windmill:  Please go to for further information and opening times.

War Memorial Gardens: opposite the Assembly Rooms.


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